Update on baby osprey in St. Michaels

First there were two ........................ ..................... Then there were three!

Please check the great comment on our last posting of the rescue and finding of new home for our osprey chick, who's nest was lost to the river. Thanks, Aubrey!

I'm not sure all we have to thank, but for sure Chris, Peter McGowan, Marc Barto, Suzi and Tristate, and Rob Brownlee-Tomasso for photos and Dawn for keeping the emails coming! Thanks to anyone else who had a hand in this thoughtful deed!


Baby Osprey rescued in St. Michaels

Dan Sutherland and Marc Barto work in CBMM's boatyard and live aboard their boats out in the harbor. On his way out to his boat last night, Dan saw an osprey nest with a baby in it come detached from its daymark and plunge into the water. He rescued the baby and he and Marc put it into a nest Marc built for baby ducks, and they made up a fish concoction in a caulk gun and fed it all through the night. It's looking much better this morning, and the DNR should be coming to get the baby today. Here's a couple pictures. Check out those talons!

Marc Barto 6/24/2008 update:

For those of you who are interested, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was here this morning to reintroduce the baby osprey that Dan and I saved last Thursday. I was able to accompany them out to the Red #2 marker and they allowed me to climb up into the nest and place the fledgling with it's two new brothers. The parents then returned to the nest and adopted the new bird. It was a successful reentry. Peter McGowan was the biologist that helped us. He said he would send us photos of the nesting sight. Very heartwarming experience.

Information provided by Dawn Brownlee-Tomasso
Photos byRob Brownlee-Tomasso
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Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

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