Look out for tagged gulls

On the Prince George's County Mid-Winter Count, Jeff Shenot and I found a tagged adult Ring-billed Gull at the Brown Station Road Landfill (entry by permission only). It had two circular yellow tags, one attached to either inner wing. There were no bands or other identifying marks. We learned the following from Thomas W. Seamans, Wildlife Biologist, USDA/Wildlife Services/National Wildlife Research Center-Ohio Field Station after reporting the find to the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Bird Banding Lab:

"The gull was tagged in Chicago in May 2007. We marked a total of 724 gulls in the Chicago area with either orange (150 tags), green (202 tags), blue (222 tags) or yellow (150) wing tags. We do have a good idea of where ring-billed gulls from the Great Lakes region winter but this information will give us some additional information on the Chicago gulls. Also, I am especially interested to learn if there is a reporting difference between the 4 tag colors that we applied. Should you spot any other tagged birds we would appreciate learning of their location."

Please let the bird banding lab http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/bbl/ know if you observe any of these tagged gulls. The tags tend to stick out from the body and are fairly visible.

Sue Ricciardi, Arnold, MD

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