Caroline County Bird Club's April 19 meeting featuring Ron Gutberlet to talk about his "Big Year"

Thursday, April 19 at 7:30 PM, Caroline County Public Library, 100 Market Street, Denton, MD - FREE  “A Year on the Road with North American Birds” presented by Ron Gutberlet. 

During a Lower 48 “Big Year” in 2005, Ron Gutberlet visited all 48 of those states, drove about 70,000 miles, hiked over 100 miles, took six trips by plane (three specifically for birding), and spent nine days at sea. He met boat captains, truck drivers, a midwife, backpackers, sheriff’s deputies (uh oh!), state troopers (UH OH!), border patrol agents (no problemo), car mechanics, vacationing families, park rangers, mountain bike chicks, whale watchers, a naturalist surfer girl, hobos, and the poet laureate of Boise City, Oklahoma. And of course, he met birders. It was quite a year, and Ron looks forward to sharing a bit of it.

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