Birding program at Camp Todd 4-28-12

      On April 28, 2012  for the second year in a row the Caroline  County  Bird Club  gave a birding program  at the Girl Scout camp [Camp Todd] on Beauchamp Branch Road  near  Denton as part of their Earth Day celebration. Several members  of our chapter gave a short talk about  birds that can be found at the camp, bird nests and how to use  binoculars from about 9:00 AM till 12:30 PM.  We had three groups of scouts come through our station. Below list is a combo of before, during and after our program. A quick note: Camp Todd is open to public birding but birders must first get advance permission from Ranger Bob Foote.  
 In early 2011 the Caroline County Bird Club published a bird list for the camp of the most commonly found birds there. Habitat there includes woods, lake, overgrown fields and hedgerows. Copies of the bird list are available at the camp in a metal box behind a sign near the parking area. Birds seen or heard that day are as follows:
Great  Blue Heron     1     flyover carrying a stick 
Canada Goose      12      including  several newly hatched young 
Turkey Vulture        1
Osprey        2
Killdeer      2
Spotted Sandpiper     3
Greater yellowlegs     2
Solitary   Sandpiper     1
Mourning Dove           1
Chimney Swift           1
Red bellied woodpecker    2
Downy Woodpecker         2
Pileated Woodpecker   1 
Eastern Phoebe          2
Tree  Swallow            4
Barn Swallow                12
Bank  Swallow               12
Blue Jay                     1
American  Crow           2
Carolina Chickadee      2
Tufted Titmouse          2
Carolina Wren                1
House   Wren       1 first of the year for me , At a nestbox
Eastern Bluebird        2
Wood Thrush   1 singing   out by Rt  16 on my way back out 
American Robin         3
Brown Thrasher        2
Chipping Sparrow       2
White throated Sparrow    12       girls got to hear some of them singing  in the  trees 
Red winged Blacbird     2
Brown headed Cowbird     2
Happy Birding
Danny Poet

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