Important Bird Area Idlylwild Management Area great for birding

A great place to bird in Caroline County!  Fields, scrub, pines, hardwoods, wooded ponds.  Spray yourself well for ticks.  No bathroom facilities there.

For more information about Idylwild, go to:

For directions to and maps of Idylwild Wildlife Management Area go to: http://dnr.maryland.gov/wildlife/Publiclands/eastern/idylwild.asp

Birds seen and/or heard there today:

1.       Chipping sparrow
2.       Field sparrow
3.       Blue-gray gnatcatcher
4.       Eastern Wood-Peewee
5.       Acadian flycatcher
6.       Great crested flycatcher
7.       Brown thrasher
8.       White-eyed vireo
9.       Red-eyed vireo
10.   Worm eating warbler
11.   Pine warbler
12.   Prairie warbler
13.   Yellow –breasted chat
14.   Prothonotary warbler
15.   Cow bird
16.   Cardinal
17.   Blue grosbeak
18.   Indigo bunting
19.   Carolina chickadee
20.   Tufted titmouse
21.   American crow
22.   Canada geese
23.   Red shouldered hawk
24.   Red-winged blackbird
25.   American goldfinch
26.   Downy woodpecker
27.   Red-bellied woodpecker
28.   Pileated woodpecker
29.   Black vulture
30.   Turkey vulture
31.   Summer tanager
32.   Yellow-billed cuckoo
33.   Cedar waxwing
34.   Oven bird

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