A secret gem in Caroline County, MD!

A great time at the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy's Lynch Preserve, off of Robins Creek Road, Preston!  Thanks to Tony and Karen Gianninoto for telling us about it.

Danny Poet, Steve Westre and Debby Bennett explored one of its trails Saturday, Nov 10.

The woods were just gorgeous.
Beech and oak trees grown together.  Photo by Danny Poet

Birds seen:

Canada Goose      30
Black Duck        4    flyovers
Ring billed Gull      14
Red Tailed Hawk       1
Turkey Vulture     1
Black Vulture      8
American Crow      2
Fish Crow           1
Mockingbird    2
Cardinal      1
Pileated Woodpecker     1
Red Bellied Woodpecker   3
Downy Woodpecker       2
Brown Creeper      2
White breasted Nuthatch   2
Red Breasted Nuthatch   3
Carolina Chickadee      2
Tufted Titmouse      4
Blue Jay       2
Robin     100
Eastern Bluebird       1
Hermit   Thrush       2
Ruby Crowned Kinglet      2
Golden Crowned Kinglet   1
Red winged Blackbird       50
Yellow Rumped Warbler      4
White Throated Sparrow     12

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