Hummingbirds are back! Caroline County Bird Club says get your hummingbird feeders up!

Chester River Field Research Station banded their first hummer of the season the other day.  Check out their Facebook page.  Very cool page!

Photo from Chester River Field Research Station Facebook page

Speaking of Facebook pages, have you been to the Caroline County Bird Club's Facebook page recently?


Caroline County Bird Club had a great time at Camp Todd's April 20, 2013 Earth Day

Several Caroline County Bird Club members lead bird walks for Daisies, Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts at Camp Todd at their Earth Day April 20, 2013.  Danny Poet, President presented Camp Todd Program Director, Cathy Stafford and some Girl Scouts new binoculars and birding guides for the camp.


Caroline County Bird Club April 18, 2013 - Dave Curson - Bird Conservation in Maryland's Threatened Salt Marshes

Please join us on Thursday, April 18 -- MD Audubon Director of Bird Conservation, Dave Curson  will give a presentation on “Bird conservation in Maryland’s threatened Salt Marshes”.  
 7:30 PM, Caroline County Public Library, 100 Market St., Denton.  
All our programs are free and open to the public.
                                                    Photo from http://www.tidalmarshbirds.org
Maryland’s tidal salt marshes are home to several uniquely specialized birds like the Saltmarsh Sparrow and the Black Rail. The future for these species is not rosy because the entire salt marsh ecosystem is threatened by sea level rise, caused by climate change and other factors. Audubon carried out a survey of salt marsh birds across the Eastern Shore in 2011-12 and is now completing a series of strategies to help salt marshes in the Chesapeake Bay adapt to sea level rise. David Curson, Director of Bird Conservation at Audubon Maryland-DC, will elaborate on these threats to salt marsh birds and what can be done about them.

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