Caroline County Bird Club's May 2014 Happenings

Saturday, May 10 – May Bird Count.  Contact Debby Bennett at carolinebirdclub@gmail.com for more information.
Thursday, May 15 –  Program.  Members Night
7:30 PM, Caroline County Public Library, 100 Market St., Denton
Here's a Danny Poet photo teaser for you -- there will be many more like this to view at Members Night!

Caroline County Bird Club Pelot Sanctuary walk photos on Facebook

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photos here by Danny Poet


Caroline County Bird Club and Friends of Gravelly Branch need volunteers for a garbage clean-up Saturday, April 5

Meet there at 9 am.  Directions below.

Nick Carter, Nancy Eash, and others have organized this clean-up.  There is a lot of trash down in the creek and along the sanctuary.  It will be muddy due to recent rain, so dress accordingly.  Also, bring work gloves and trash bags.  Nancy has arranged for a garbage pickup.

It's been a few years since we've done a clean-up in Pelot, so I hope a few of you can join us!

Information about MYRTLE SIMON PELOT, Caroline County

This sanctuary was purchased in 1972 using a bequest to the MOS from Mrs. Myrtle Pelot of Ridgely. It is approximately 60 acres of deciduous swamp forest varying from 9 to 20 feet above sea level.

Originally the land was part of an old mill property with Draper Mill Road forming the dam, which impounded Gravelly Branch. The dam washed out in 1937, and the rich pond sediments now support a thriving forest. It is located in the Red Bridges area of the Choptank River, an area that local birders have enjoyed for years. Pelot Sanctuary is an oasis for flowers, birds, and other fauna in the midst of a predominantly agricultural area.

A marked trail begins at the sanctuary sign and there is a rest area with benches approximately 200 yards in on the left. There is parking for two or three cars along the road near the bridge.

From Rt 313 in Greensboro, turn east onto Whiteleysburg Rd (Rt 314).
Left on Wothers Rd, then Right on Boyce Mill Rd.
Left on Drapers Mill Road - look for sanctuary sign on the right.

Don't miss the Caroline County Bird Club April 17 program on the 2013/2014 Snowy Owl Invasion!

Caroline County Bird Club invites you to our FREE April 17 program at the Caroline County Public Library, Denton at 7:30 PM. 

                                                                                                                            Photo by Danny Poet

Bill Stewart will present "The 2013/2014 Snowy Owl Invasion:  A Much Closer Look"

Bill Stewart, Director of Partnerships and Marketing for the American Birding Association and VP of the Delmarva Ornithological Society, will examine this year's Snowy Owl invasion into the Delmarva region and beyond.  Utilizing up-to-the-minute data collected from eBird, Project SNOWstorm and other resources, Bill will present the latest findings, sightings and theories pertaining to this historical Snowy Owl irruption.  Bill will also share some helpful tips on field identification between males, females and juveniles along with recent video and a somewhat comical look at the resourcefulness of these majestic owls while they visit our region.

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