Our Jessica in Spain

Our member, Jessica Vooris is having the most wonderful experience in Spain for a semester of college. Here she is sitting on an edge of a cliff in Cabo de Gata. She did report not having much time to bird, however.

Pine Siskin spotted by Les Roslund

This afternoon the first Pine Siskin in two years showed up at my feeder. Feisty little fellow! The reason I saw him was that he was the only one on the thistle feeder that did not fly away when I walked past the window. (All the Goldfinches scattered frantically.)
Yesterday morning my driveway birds included Chipping Sparrows, White-crowned Sparrow, Towhee, Purple Finch (2), and Blue-headed Vireo. Red-breasted Nuthatches have been here all month.
At the Easton WWTP yesterday the "new-arrival" ducks included Ruddies (90), Greater Scaup (5) and Bufflehead (1). Along the trail to the river the highlights were G-C and R-C Kinglets, Swamp Sparrow, Field Sparrow, Brown Thrasher and Marsh Wren (2).
Les Roslund
Talbot County
Easton MD 21601


Red-breasted Nuthatch year?

Seems like this could be a big R-B Nuthatch year. I heard a lot of them in Mass. a couple of weeks ago. Just got back from Janes Island down by Crisfield and they were all over the place. Speaking of birds from the north, I sure would like to see an Evening Grosbeak at my feeder again. I take back everything I said about them back in the 70's when there seemed to be too many of them around.

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