Camp Todd Girl Scout Camp working on a bird list

MOS members - we need your help!

Bob Foote is Camp Ranger of this enchanting Girl Scout Camp in Caroline County. He is working with some volunteers to update his trail guides. He wants to include birds likely to be seen on certain trails along with trees and other plants and wildlife.

We've got some good tree/plant folks helping out including Dave Reinecke and Sylvan Kaufman. We can create a cursory list of basic birds that can be seen in various areas of the camp. For a detailed seasonal list, it would help to get folks in there to bird and send in their lists with dates and location.

Bob invites MOS members to visit the camp to hike and bird. He just asks that you contact him ahead of time either by phone 281-844-6854 or email BobFoote1@aol.com.

Click HERE to get a copy of Camp Todd's map and a checklist you might wish to use.

Please send Debby Bennett a copy of your bird lists @ firefly5845@hotmail.com. With as many lists as we can get throughout the year, we will be able to create a nice bird list for Camp Todd.

Location of the camp: 25012 Beauchamp Branch Road, Denton, MD 21629

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