Yellow Hummingbirds?

For three consecutive years now I have seen a prothonotary warbler drinking from my hummingbird feeder. This year I was able to get a couple of photos. I have taken to the removal of one of the four bee guards in order that he may drink. Has anyone else heard of, or witnessed this behavior before?

Mike Framptom-Price


April 19 results of Bird Banding at Chester River Field Research Center at Chino Farms

Good to see you and the other Caroline bird club members the other day. Below is a list of the birds we caught the other day with totals for each species. We banded a total of 76 new birds of 23 species, these numbers are for the entire day not just the time you where there.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet- 6
Winter Wren- 1
Am. Goldfinch- 11
Field Sparrow- 5
Yellow-palm Warbler- 2*
Chipping Sparrow- 5
Common-yellow Throat- 1*
Myrtle Warbler- 1
Savannah Sparrow- 1
Blue-headed Vireo- 1*
White-throat- 10
Hermit Thrush- 5
Vesper Sparrow- 1*
Sosp Sparrow- 1
Red-winged Blackbird- 5
E. Kingbird- 1*
Brown Thrasher- 4
Am Robin- 3
Blue Jay- 4
Flicker- 2
Common Grackle- 1
C. Chickadee- 1

* are new for the year.

We got our first Hummers today (2 males), Gray Catbird, and Wood thrushes. We have been hearing Wood Thrushes for a few days but caught the first of the year today. Other new birds heard but not caught were Black-throated Green Warbler and Yellow Warbler.

Good birding

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