Caroline County Bird Club's Nov 8, 2015 bird walk results

November 8, 2015  Lynch Preserve, Two Johns, Preston, MD  
4 observers        
Leaders  Debby Bennett and Danny  Poet

Best birding was at the edge of the preserve at the end of Robins Creek Road.

More info about the preserve - http://www.eslc.org/land-preservation/preserves/


DC Cormorant  1
Tundra Swan    6
Canada Goose      15
Ring Billed Gull  15
American Crow   12
Turkey Vulture     5
Black Vulture        4
Northern Harrier    1
Sharp shinned Hawk    4
Bald Eagle          4 adult       1 immature
Red shouldered Hawk        2
Red tailed Hawk           1
Red bellied Woodpecker      1
Downy Woodpecker          2
Hairy Woodpecker          1
Pileated Woodpecker     1
Carolina Chickadee       4
Tufted Titmouse             3
Brown Creeper           4
White breasted Nuthatch      3
Carolina Wren        1
Golden Crowned Kinglet          4
Cedar Waxwing       20
Mockingbird         1
Brown  Thrasher    1
Catbird                  1
Robin            20
Eastern Bluebird     1
Hermit Thrush     6
Cardinal       2
Goldfinch         3
Tree Swallow    20
Red Winged Blackbird   30
Cowbird                  1
Dark Eyed Junco          1
White throated Sparrow        5


Caroline County Bird Club welcomes Autumn-Lynn Harrison as presenter for their November 19, 2015 program

Please join us!  Special presentation by Autumn-Lynn Harrison, the Program Manager of the Migratory Connectivity Project and a research scientist at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

Thursday, November 19 -  7:30 PM, Caroline County Public Library, 100 Market St., Denton. 


Caroline County Bird Club bird walk Sunday, Nov 8, 2015

Caroline County Bird Club invites you to join us Sunday, November 8, 2015 for a bird walk at the Lynch Preserve, Two Johns.

Leaders:  Debby Bennett & Danny Poet.

 Park and meet at the end of Robins Creek Road at 8 am.

For more information about the preserve, go to:  http://www.eslc.org/land-preservation/preserves/

All Caroline County Bird Club events are free and open to the public.

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