Blackwater Refuge Bald Eagle laid earliest in year egg ever

According to USFWS, a Blackwater Refuge Bald Eagle laid the earliest-in-year egg ever recorded there, 1/13. Same eagle just laid egg #3. Eagle Cam http://ow.ly/3Hs9n

Link to FoB website: http://www.friendsofblackwater.org/camhtm2.html


In loving memory of two long-time members of Caroline County Chapter of MOS

Mariana Nuttle passed away December 7, 2010

Mariana was past president of the Caroline Chapter of MOS and May Bird Count Coordinator for Caroline for many years. She was passionate about birding and teaching others of all ages about birds and birding. She was instrumental in having bluebird nesting boxes put up on the Caroline County Country Club golf course back in the early 1980s.

Inez Glime passed away December 11, 2010

Inez was a long-time, active member of the Caroline Chapter of MOS, and helped with its bird counts. She loved her bluebirds and did her part to save them from their decline in numbers in Caroline County. Inez maintained a bluebird trail of more than 100 nesting boxes near Federalsburg for over a decade. She talked friends, family and neighbors into placing bluebird nesting boxes on their properties in south Caroline County and monitored the boxes for them.

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