Annual YMOS Birdathon will be March 16-17, 2013 and needs your support!

Lets support it by giving a pledge!

This is the principal fund raising activity for MOS youth
programs.  Monies raised go toward scholarships for the summer
residential Birds and Bird Habitats workshop at Washington College in
late June, and, of course, youth participation in the World Series of
Birding in May at Cape, May, NJ.  This year we plan to register three
teams in the WSB Youth Division, one each at elementary, middle
school, and high school levels.

We seek pledges of 25 cents, 50 cents, or $1.00 per species.  Birding
is confined to the MD portion of Delmarva, generally beginning early
Saturday morning on the coast and ending late Sunday afternoon on
Kent Island.  The youngsters are constructing a "Must-See List" of
100 species.  They are penalized for each species missed on this
list.  Pledges are applied to the net number of species seen, i.e.,
total species for the two days less those missed on the Must-See
List.  As an added incentive, we ask that each pledge be doubled for
any net species above 100.  Last year, burdened by dense coastal fog,
the youngsters saw 105 total species and missed 8 Must-See's for a
net of only 97 species.  They hope for more cooperative weather this
year!  The Must-See challenge makes Sunday a competitive adventure
when the birds per unit effort has significantly declined and the
group pursues targeted misses.  Please help us share in the excitement!

No money is needed now, just a per-species pledge.  Everyone who
pledges will receive an advance copy of the Must-See List.  We will
get back to you shortly after the Birdathon with the results and
information as to where to send your check.  Please email (preferred)
or call in your pledge to either:

George Radcliffe
YMOS Program Chair
(410) 228-7670
Wayne Bell
Former MOS President
(410) 820-6002

Thank you for your consideration.

   --  George and Wayne

Check out the YMOS website at http://www.ymos.org/

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